Reflections: Josh Davis Presentation

My teammates have already covered the basics of Josh Davis’ presentation, so I won’t reiterate the key points and tell you something you’ve already learned. Instead, I’ll write about something that stood out to me personally.

Davis spoke about going the extra mile to get the footage that your team needs because one shot can end up making a huge difference in the final video. While I am not on the video crew for our trip, this point stuck with me. I think it is important to understand and appreciate the work of everyone on your team in order to work well with them. This appreciation gives you the patience and trust with your group members if they think something is pivotal and worth the extra work– whether it’s re-shooting, re-designing, re-writing, interviewing one more person, etc. Trusting the efforts of all your teammates will lead to a successful project.

Interactive Videos

Josh Davis, an award-winning interactive documentary journalist visited all of iMedia today with tons of useful information.

Some advice he offered was to plan ahead, which is part of what we are doing now before we arrive in Guatemala. He also said how it is okay to over-shoot. Once arrived in Quetzaltenango we will have to shoot some material to get valuable content without fear that we have too much stuff. Next was to go over all of your footage. We may have some things in there that we completely forgot about. This can be tedious, but well worth it! Last, have meetings with everyone on your team. While abroad we will meet and go over everything every single day.

As we prepare for our trip to Guatemala we will take to heart the advice Josh Davis had to offer. After all it’s only 28 days until we depart!



Presentation Thoughts

Today’s presentation made me realize the importance of planning before and during a collaborative project. It’s important that we develop an overall goal for what we want to achieve with this project so that we can systematically plan out our major objectives.