Day 1

Today started our first full day in Guatemala. We started the morning off with breakfast at a local cafe, followed by a short, but strenuous, trek up the side of one of Guatemala’s mountains. We stopped partway up, enjoying the view before taking part in an authentic Mayan ceremony. We were guided through the ceremony by two native Guatemalans who had a lot to tell us about the history of the Mayan philosophies on life and our place in the universe. The ceremony took place around a fire circle, where we offered up a variety of natural plants and symbols. Each item offered held special meanings that urged us to think about our life and our place in the lives of others. The entire experience was calming and meditative, allowing me to think more about where I had been and where I would be going in the future.


From there, we traveled to the home of Marco. He introduced us to Tierra Verde, provided us with a wonderful homemade Guatemalan lunch, and gave us a tour of his farm, where we gathered footage of his food drying process and his greenhouses. He showed us the various products that the project sells, and explained their distribution process. We then visited one of his neighbors, who is also a member of Tierra Verde. There we gathered interview footage and footage of some of the livestock that the project deals in.

After leaving the farms, we returned to Quetzaltenango. After collating our footage onto a backup hard drive, we took a quick tour of our part of the city, which ended in a meat-free dinner at a local cafe. After that, we talked about how our day had gone, discussing what footage we got and what we still needed to get in the coming days. After putting together a plan, we all took a well-needed rest.

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