The Buzz Start..

Bees, Trees and Rabbits oh my! This wasn’t our typical day in the beautiful city of Xela (Quetzaltenango) but more like a showering of stories and and gifts alike. Our morning started out with a buzz! The bee/cow farm was our first visit of the day. We learned about the organic process of making cow waste into strong healthy and chemical free fertilizer. The cows are fed a specific blend of corn, herbs and fruits. Once the waste is collected it is mixed with oranges and apples and cow milk and stored under a black heavy plastic sheet . In a maximum of 45 days the fertilizer is ready and can be used for all plants. The bees are stored in 3 boxes. Although we were unable to physically see the bees in action our framer let us know that he grows organic flowers for the bees so they can produce organic honey. The honeycombs are inserted into a hand-spun machine with extracted the honey from the honeycomb, producing approximately 1 cup of honey.

I had a brief conversation with the farmer and told him that I was very thankful to learn about his farm and he replied “No, it is I who is thankful for you all. This is amazing and my home is yours.”

Next on our journey around Xela was probably one of the most phenomenal experiences ever. Reforestation. The word is just as long as the process. Our farm from this site enlightened us with a story about a family tradition passed down from the oldest to the youngest. This family has been growing the trees that are becoming vastly indigenous in Guatemala and are doing so to protect their country; Pine, Cypress and Asperia trees.

Lastly on our adventure we encountered probably one of the most beautiful human beings to walk this planet. This farmer was so excited to have us at his house/farm that he set up a beautiful table and a centerpiece that was so delicious you would probably eat it! Have you ever been wined and dined like a king or queen? We had the pleasure of using old-fashioned royal bowls for our lunch. These bowls are only used for kings, queens, presidents and government officials. Our lunch consisted soup, rice, tamales, and salad;meat choices were chicken and rabbit(this location was a rabbit farm). After eating our scrumptious lunch our farmer then made a presentation about his farm and his reasoning for making rabbit waste into organic fertilizer.

Personally, I cried during his presentation because it was so beautiful. To have someone be openly honest with you and pour their life out to you is the most amazing and humbling experience. I can definitely say that this was my peak on our journey of when I became probably the most humble that I’ve ever bee in my life. Ending our day with the cute rabbits we were showered with rose petals and greeted with a Guatemala specialty of clothes weaving.

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