So Saturday was our free (a much needed free day). From the beginning of the week the agenda for the free day to hike a treacherous seven hour hike to a lovely hot spring, but due to sickness and lack of the ability to breath the plans were changed. The new plan was to hike a less treacherous mountain to its summit to see a volcano (Santa Maria) erupt. However I decided not to go on the hike (see later post from Fonzi about her hike experience) instead I stuck around with two other squad members and we explored Xela, so here goes my adventure. While the rest of the squad was up and at em by 6am I got to sleep in until 9am (which was much needed). Courtney, Tira and I had casual girl talk before we headed out for the day(which was also needed). Of course while in Guatemala we have to start the day off right with the best cup of coffee our tastes buds will ever taste! After small talk over coffee we set out on our journey. Courtney and I were on the prowl for drug rugs also known as Baja hoodies and souvenirs for family and friends, and Tira was looking for a traditional Guatemalan  shirt as well as souvenirs.  I was super pumped we finally got to explore the market we passed everyday, multiple times a day for the past week. Tira, the lovely spanish speaking groupie, taught me all the phrases I needed to know to bargin with the sellers (thanks for that). We browsed for sometime trying to find right color drug rug for a reasonable price (I was getting a little discouraged about finding one) but fortunately we came to a shop owned by a lovely man named Carlos and he had the drug rugs we were looking for! Courtney and I searched through the piles for a good 15mins before finding the right size and color (in there like swimwear)! After our long morning of searching and shopping we hit up the best taco place IN THE WORLD Tacorazon (way better than chipotle). After eating a delicious rice bowl with the best pineapple salsa I’ve eaten, we all headed back to the hostel to head out to the hot springs. Although we decided to drive instead of hike Im almost certain the car ride was just as treacherous as the hike would have been! Our driver was rather reckless going into all the turns and curves going up the mountain (I’m pretty sure we almost died multiple times).  The hot springs though was rather amazing. I was a little worried at first, the first couple of pools were extremely crowded which was stressing me out! But, thankfully we found a warm pool with not many people in it (at one point it just the squad chilling there). It was extremely relaxing and I was happy to be submerged in warm/hot water for the first time all week! If we could have stayed there all day I definitely wouldn’t have mind getting more pruned than I already was (I was pretty damn pruned). All in all Saturday was one of my favorite days of the trip! Thanks Guatemala for showing me a great time! Hopefully I’ll see you again! Much love Franny!

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