Meet The Team

courtCourtney Penezic: Project Manager

 In Guatemala, she organized and gathered content. Courtney oversaw all responsibilities and aspects of the project from start to finish and prioritized scheduling.

tylerTyler AndersonWeb Developer

While in Guatemala, assisting in gathering photograph and audio content for the project. Afterward, he took the lead on the programming and development of Tierra Verde’s website, working in WordPress to organize and layout content.


Chiara Costanzo: Videographer and Video Designer

Serving as a videographer in Guatemala, Chiara filmed interview and B-roll footage for the project. During the development of this project, Chiara has been the lead video designer, working on motion graphics, designing icons and logos and assisting in video editing. She also assisted with collaboration on web graphics and design.

carolynCarolyn Fonzi: Photographer and Web Designer 

 Serving as a photographer in Queztaltenango, Carolyn gathered content for the project. For the development of this project, she has been the lead web designer, designing logos, icons, layouts and other graphics needs.

jakeJake Moser: Videographer 

In Guatemala, Jake was responsible for filming interviews and B-roll for the project. Afterwards, he curated video clips, edited videos for the website, and created motion graphics.

tiraTira Murray: Audio Translator

While abroad in Guatemala, Tira interviewed all participants of the Tierra Verde Project. During process of this project, she has translated all audio and video content. Additionally, she provided English and Spanish context for the website

frannyFrancis Badger: Audio and Photographer

In Guatemala, Francis assisted with audio for the video production team as well as being the secondary photographer. During the process of the project, Francis’ responsibility was to prepare and polish photos for the website. She also aided team members in  completing tasks within different areas as needed.