Triplets, bees, and a taco

Moo. Moo. Moo.

A set of triplet cows graced us with their presence today, apparently a rare phenomenon that has only happened 3 times in recorded history. After engaging with these curious beasts and capturing some  calculated B-roll, I spotted a pair of twin puppies taking refuge under the shade of a small tree in the cows’ pasture. Of course, I was immediately enamored by these pups given that they were floppy, fluffy, furry, and fun-loving. As I approached them to offer some tender affection, their mother bolted at me from around the corner baring her teeth and growling ferociously as any mother would. I thought I was done. I thought she was coming for my jugular. And then someone told me to use my “stick” (a.k.a. the monopod with a Cannon attached to it) and swing it at her if I needed to. So I swung it around like I was some kind of awkward American-in-Guatemala samurai and barked at her–to my great surprise, this ferocious wild dog was terrified and retreated with her tail between her legs— completing animal mishap number 3 of the trip for this girl right here.

So- with that stroke of luck, the farmer of the day decided to give us a tour of his bees (on the roof of the house, by the way) following an in-depth discussion regarding production and implementation of homemade organic fertilizer on his crops and broad selection of medicinal plants. What did I decide to do with this newfound confidence after terrifying the mother of two terribly cute puppies? Put the 50mm lens on the Cannon, and politely ask our host of the day “Puedo ver los abejos?”  He said he was worried about them stinging me, and I promptly told him that I didn’t give a shit– So he brought out one of those classic bee-mask-net-things, I zipped up my jacket, and spent 10 minutes trying to get footage of honeycomb while trying not to upset the thousands of bees carefully continuing to work within the grasp of the farmer’s four-fingered hand. Anyways, I didn’t get stung but everyone seemed to be a little concerned about getting some “picas” and tried to keep a safe distance.

Following the expanse of that rather lovely establishment, we took the rest of the afternoon to film and interview various vendors who use/sell products from the complex network of organic farms making up Tierra Verde’s organization. I can honestly say that Tacorazon stole my heart with the best goddamn taco I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming.

Triplets, bees, tacos, and some mangled español…I’d say our cultural exposure over the course of our stay was unparalleled. I never would have guessed that I’d have the opportunities to see and do the things that were made available to us. I tried to take advantage of absolutely everything that was thrown my direction.

Experience beats comfort. Every. Single. Time.